New York Methodist Hospital

506 Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY

Local Law 11 Repairs to Important Brooklyn Hospital

Property: New York Methodist Hospital
Location: 506 Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY


In addition to the work that was called for on the engineer’s Local Law 11 plans and specifications, each area had to be inspected with the engineer for additional work. Given the myriad of buildings constructed over the years, scaffold equipment had to be set up and moved to each location multiple times. Some of those locations proved to be very difficult due to tight areas and limited space. Obstacles had to be removed and reinstalled. Not all the buildings were accessible from all the roofs and work in some sections had to be done under certain time restriction due to patient care. In all cases, hospital operations could not be impeded.


Careful planning with Hospital management, determining which areas were to be scaffolded first and then where to move to the next location so the transfer of equipment was efficient.

Services Performed

Local Law 11 repairs consisted of rebuilding the parapet walls for two terraces, control joint caulking, lintel replacement, brick replacement, re-pointing, stucco repairs, concrete and coping repairs, large sill replacement, window repairs, decorative stone repairs using Cathedral Stone, and metal cladding repairs.

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